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Low GWP Refrigerant Chiller/Refrigerated Thermo-chiller HRZF

Temperature Control Equipment » Thermo-Chillers (Circulating Fluid Temperature Controllers) High performance/Type & Inverter Type
    · Low GWP refrigerant chiller
     GWP:148 ∗ Based on the IPCC AR4
      EU refrigerant regulations: GWP150 or more
      US refrigerant regulations: GWP700 or more
      California, US refrigerant regulations: GWP750 or more
    · Environmentally friendly R454C as refrigerant (Not available for air
    · More effective energy-saving is achieved through use of a DC inverter
     compressor and an inverter pump.
  • Low GWP Refrigerant Chiller/Refrigerated Thermo-chiller HRZF
    Series Cooling capacity View search result
    HRZF01010kWView search result
SeriesSet temperature rangeCooling capacityTemperature stabilityCooling methodCirculating fluid
HRZF010-20〜90℃10kW±0.1℃Water-cooled refrigerationFluorinated fluids, 60% ethylene glycol aqueous solution

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