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Compact Compressor CRP

Compact Compressor » Compact Compressor
    ・Supplies compressed air in an environment with no air source such as
     cobots, AGV and AMRs
    ・Compact: 154 mm (Width) x 134 mm (Height) x 100 mm (Depth)
    ・Lightweight: 3.5 kg (Compressor: 3.1 kg, Controller: 0.4 kg)
     A single unit can be used to provide positive or vacuum pressure
      (vacuum pump).
     Max. discharge pressure: 0.55 MPa
     Ultimate vacuum pressure: −70 kPa
    ・Noise: 55 dB or less (When the silencer ANB1-01 is installed) (When
     supplying positive pressure)
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SeriesCompression methodMax. discharge pressure
Ultimate vacuum pressure
Max. discharge flow rate
Max. suction flow rate
0.55 MPa
−70 kPa
10 L/min (ANR)

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