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Slim-line Power Clamp Cylinder CKZ2N-X2346

Air Cylinders » Clamp Cylinders
Arc Welding Process Equipment » Specialty Cylinders
    ・The distance accuracy from the reference hole to the lower surface of the clamp arm is ±0.1 mm.
    ・Easy setup with a scale
     The guide of the appropriate position can be checked visually when adjusting the shim.
    ・Reduced width
     Easy torch entry for spot welding, arc welding, etc.
  • 2D/3D CAD

    The new SMC CAD SYSTEM, CADENAS, allows you to output 2D/3D CAD data with full part numbers in various data formats. Responses to part number selection has been greatly improved with the newly developed system.

    Click here for 2D/3D CAD
SeriesArm opening angleBore size (mm)
CKZ2N-X234630º, 45º, 60º, 75º, 90º
105º, 120º, 135º
50, 63, 80

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