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Speed Controller with Indicator/Uni Thread Type AS-FS

Flow Control Equipment » Speed Controllers for General Purposes
    ・The numerical indication of knob rotations for flow rate reduces flow setting time and setting errors.
     The value can be controlled with the indicator window.
    ・Larger push-lock type knob
    ・Improved reproducibility of flow rate
    ・Easier to insert and remove tubes
    ・Electroless nickel plated type is standard.
TypeSeriesPort size
on the
cylinder side
Applicable tubing O.D.
Metric size
Applicable tubing O.D.
Inch size
Elbow type
Uni threed
AS22□1FS to 42□1FSUni 1/8 to 1/2φ3.2 to φ16φ1/8'' to 1/2''

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