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Electric Gripper 2-Finger Type (Z Type) LEHZ

Electric Actuators/Cylinders » Grippers
    ・Easy setting: Data can be set with only 2 items, position and force.
     The controller is already set with the data of the actuator.
     (The actuator and controller are provided as a set.)
    ・Equipped with a drop prevention function
     (All series come equipped with a self-lock mechanism.)
    ・The self-lock mechanism reduces power consumption.
    ・Equipped with a gripping check function
    ・It is possible to set the position, speed, and force. (64 points)
Open and close stroke/
both sides
force [N]
force [N]
Opening and
closing speed
LEHZ1046 to 142 to 65 to 80
LEHZ1666 to 143 to 85 to 80
LEHZ201016 to 4011 to 285 to 100
LEHZ251416 to 4011 to 285 to 100
LEHZ322252 to 1305 to 120
LEHZ403084 to 2105 to 120

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