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*1 Excluding M-5UN
*2 Excluding MS-5UN
*3 X2 is only compatible with M-5E, M-5ER, and M-5M.
*4 Only compatible with male connector and male elbow. Please consult with SMC separately for the available fixed throttle diameters.
*5 M5 thread
*6 Only compatible with products with threads
*7 Only compatible with M3 thread
*8 Only compatible with M5 thread
*9 Please consult with SMC.
*10 The following models are not available as made to order:Hexagon socket head male connector/KQ2S, Bulkhead union/KQ2E, Bulkhead connector/KQ2E, Nipple/KQ2N, Reducer nipple/KQ2N, Male connector/KQ2H, Female connector/KQ2F, Color cap/KQ2C, and Plug/KQ2P.
*11 Compatible with products without threads as standard, and compatible with products with threads with “N.”

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