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|Basic Characteristics of Air Cylinders

The basic characteristics of air cylinders are as shown below.

Use the figures in the table below as a guide for model selection since they may be different depending on a model or bore size. For details, refer to the individual actuator's catalog.

1 Bore Size Selection

Use the table below as a guide for selecting a bore size.

2 Minimum Operating Pressure

*Consult with SMC for figures other than those shown in this table.

Sliding resistance of a cylinder varies depending on the operating pressure.

Sliding resistance values at 0.5 MPa are shown in the table below. (Guide value)

* Contact SMC regarding the bore sizes which do not have a resistance value shown.

3 Cylinder Speed

* Consult with SMC for figures other than those shown in this table.

4 Ambient and Operating Fluid Temperature

5 Service Life

This cylinder service life data is based on the service life test conducted under the test conditions shown below. This does not guarantee the service life under the customers’ operating conditions.


Regarding the service life for other models, Clean Series, water resistant cylinder and oil-free (using white Vaseline), consult with SMC.

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