CEO Message

Be a Part of Innovation

Our small products have a big part in shaping the future.

With our mission of contributing to automation and
labor-saving operations in industries, we at SMC continue to
deliver high-quality and high-performance automatic
control equipment to customers in all kinds of industrial
sectors throughout the world.

Going forward, we will further refine our
technological capabilities that we have built up over
the years together with our global product supply
system, which enable our automatic control
equipment to tackle each new challenge
that arises with the changing of the times.

Be a Part of Innovation

To be an ideal partner supporting your future
at any time needed.

We listen sincerely to our customers’ voices, and the
needs of the times, and adapt accordingly whenever
necessary, so that we are always supporting the world’s innovation.

Pioneering a sustainable future
with automated, labor-saving operations
within a variety of industries

We are striving to achieve sustainable
growth and technological innovation
with our core philosophy and
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Along with climate change we now face a variety of
societal issues. In order to resolve these issues and build
a society with a rich natural environment that can be
handed down to the next generation, commercial
enterprises are expected to take on SDGs.
SMC takes pride in having contributed to sustainable
growth and technological innovation within the society
at large by continuing to supply environmentally friendly
products and promoting automated, labor-saving
operations in a variety of industries. Recently, we
conducted a materiality analysis and identified 4 Material
Issues that are strongly linked to the resolutions of
problems we face as a society and drive our corporate
activities as the core pillars of our management
We will link these material issues to specific activities as
defined in each SMC “SDGs Target.” Each of these material
issues will be taken on in a unified manner by the entire
corporate group in order to create a sustainable future.

SMC Corporation
President & CEO
Yoshiki Takada

Management Philosophy

Contributing to automated, labor-saving operations
Focusing on the main business
Supplying products globally

Management Vision

The Company shall strive to develop products capable of accurately capturing customer needs and to create
a framework capable of responding to customer requests for delivery dates, quality, prices, etc.

The Company shall focus on newly expanding production facilities and replacing existing facilities,
establish a globally optimal production system with future vision in mind,
and shall accelerate rationalization and cost reduction.

The Company shall aim to thrive amid the competitive global market and acquire a higher market share.

Material Issues

  • I

    Respect for human rights, promotion of diversity, and ensuring safety and security

  • II

    Respond to climate change and other environmental issues

  • III

    Provide a stable supply of products globally

  • IV

    Development of human resources and diffusion of automatic control technology

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