Notice »  SMC Corporation Recognized Among World’s Best Employers by Forbes

SMC Corporation Recognized Among World’s Best Employers by Forbes

Tokyo, JAPAN, Oct. 29, 2022 / Press Release

SMC Corporation, a global leader in manufacturing comprehensive automation control equipment has been recognized by Forbes magazine as a World’s Best Employers 2022.
These rankings are the results of the most far-reaching and inclusive research conducted on employers on a global scale. Forbes Media, in cooperation with the independent market research firm Statista selected the World’s Best Employers 2022 based on independent surveys of 150, 000 full-time and part-time employees from 57 countries working for multinational companies and institutions. The participants anonymous responses were asked to rate their willingness to recommend their own employers to friends and family according to various topics such as economic impact, image, trust, gender equality, talent development, corporate social responsibility, culture, and benefits.
The 800 companies that received the highest total scores made the final list.
“We are very proud that SMC has been recognized by Forbes as a World’s Best Employer for 2022. Our global initiatives to implement our BCP or Business Continuity Plan by fulfilling our product supply responsibilities and maintaining customer trust while contributing to sustainable growth and advancing technical innovations are core corporate values. In addition to these, SMC will assure that all processes within our company’s activities carefully consider their affects on the environment and climate change as we work towards achieving our SDG or Sustainable Development Goals,” said Yoshiki Takada, SMC Corporation, President & CEO.
SMC Corporation has a global work force of 20,620 employees including 1,700 engineering staff and 8,700 salespeople supporting customers in 83 countries. Its production facilities are based in 29 countries and regions strategically located around the world to minimize disruptions to global supply chains that may occur through the effects of adverse weather or political disputes.
“My number one priority is managing and caring for people. Our products are automation control equipment which are supported by our more than 600 technical salespeople so they can be properly installed to operate automation equipment and manufacture all those everyday products. SMC forecasts continued growth in North America as reshoring of domestic manufacturing increases at a rapid pace. We also launched our Women in STEM program in the U.S. with the goal of encouraging an environment that welcomes women in technical fields to create an inclusive environment for all people,” said Kelley Stacy, President and CEO of SMC Corporation of America.

About SMC Corporation
SMC Corporation, global headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, was established in 1959 as a manufacturer of sintered metal filters under the name of Sintered Metal Corporation which was amended to SMC Corporation in 1985 in preparation for its listing on the Japanese Stock Exchange in 1987. It entered the U.S. industrial markets in 1972 with its current North American headquarters in Noblesville, Indiana and has presence in 83 countries, operating 36 ISO certified manufacturing plants in 29 countries.

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