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Air Preparation Equipment

|Low dew point clean air (For clean room)


・Blowing semiconductor parts in the clean room

■Air Preparation System

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AT,HAA/HAW:Not required when attached to air compressors.
AT:Required for screw compressors when it is used to accumulate pressure.

■Impurity in compressed air
Moisture Filtration Oil mist density
Note 1)
Oil odor Quality grade as
system Note 2)
Dew point Moisture content
Atmospheric pressure dew point:-30 to -60℃
Pressure dew point:-6 to -42℃(At 0.7 MPa)
0.5g to 0.02g/m3
(Filtering efficiency 99.99%)
0.0032 ppm
No 1,1,1 Note 3)

Note 1) When the inlet oil mist density (compressed air density) is approximately 30 mg/m3 (ANR) or less.
Note 2) This describes the grade of compressed air quality based on ISO8573-1: 2010 (JIS B8392-1: 2012), which is the maximum quality grade for the system. It varies, however, depending on the inlet air conditions.
Note 3) Contact SMC since this can be manufactured as a special order (depending on the operating conditions).

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