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*As these products are dealt with on an individual basis, please contact the SMC sales department for lead times and prices.

Classification Title Series Features
Fitting S Couplers / Stainless steel type KKA6P-03F-□-X237
Identification ring is available in 4 colors (red/blue/yellow/white)
2-Port Solenoid Valve Compact 2-Port Solenoid Valve SX21-X2 Lightweight: 65 g
Body material: Resin (PPS)
Vacuum Operated Cylinder Vacuum Operated Cylinder ZU□□A□-X107 Cylinder capable of the adsorption, raising, and retention of workpieces by vacuum power
Industrial Filters For the FGF Series
Bag Filter
Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Element
EZ-04-006/007-□ Metal mesh element
・Can be cleaned for repeated use
High Vacuum Equipment High Vacuum Angle Valve/
Manual Lever Operation Type
XLH/XMH-X163 The valve can be opened and closed via manual lever operation!
Shock Absorber Shock Absorber with Low Particle Generation Construction RJ0806H-DCW44□□W
Reduction in external particle generation
Serial Transmission System EX600 Series Temperature Measuring Unit EX600-AT□-X61 Platinum resistance temperature sensors (PT100) can be connected.
Air Cylinder Valve Mounted Cylinder CA2-X2968 Compact integration of a valve, cylinder, and two metering valves with silencers.

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