Providing the global market with products of the utmost quality

To enable our customers throughout the world to use our products with even greater confidence, SMC has obtained certification stating compliance with international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, guaranteeing a reliable system of quality assurance and environmental management. SMC strives to create products that both meet customer expectations and make contributions to society.

Quality Management System

ISO 9001

This is an international standard for quality control and quality assurance. SMC has obtained a large number of certifications in Japan and overseas, providing assurance to our customers throughout the world.

ISO 9001

Environmental Management System

ISO 14001

This is an international standard related to environmental management systems and environmental inspections. While promoting environmentally friendly automation technology, SMC is also making diligent efforts to preserve the environment.

ISO 14001

Status of Acquisition of ISO Certification

Applicable Products and Services
(The design, development, and manufacturing of the following products)

Air Preparation Equipment


Fittings and Tubing


Air Line Equipment

Temperature Control Equipment


Static Neutralization Equipment

Directional Control Valves


Vacuum Equipment


Countries and Facilities Certified

  • Japan Technical Center (Design, Development)
  • Soka 1st Factory (Administration, Manufacturing)
  • Soka 2nd Factory (Manufacturing)
  • Tsukuba 1st Factory (Manufacturing)
  • Tsukuba 2nd Factory (Manufacturing)
  • Tsukuba 3rd Factory (Manufacturing)
  • Shimotsuma Factory (Manufacturing)
  • Kamaishi 1st Factory (Manufacturing)
  • Kamaishi 2nd Factory (Manufacturing)
  • Kamaishi 3rd Factory (Manufacturing)
  • Kamaishi 4th Factory (Manufacturing)
  • Yamatsuri Factory (Manufacturing)
  • Yamatsuri 2nd Factory (Manufacturing)
  • Tono Factory (Manufacturing)
  • Distribution Center (Distribution)
  • SMC Brazil [ISO9001]
  • SMC Mexico [ISO9001/ISO14001]
  • SMC U.S.A. [ISO9001/ISO14001]
  • SMC Austria [ISO9001]
  • SMC Czech Republic [ISO9001]
  • SMC Denmark [ISO9001/ISO14001]
  • SMC France [ISO9001/ISO14001]
  • SMC Germany [ISO9001/ISO14001]
  • SMC Italy [ISO9001/ISO14001]
  • SMC Norway [ISO9001]
  • SMC Romania [ISO9001]
  • SMC Russia [ISO9001]
  • SMC Spain [ISO9001]
  • SMC Sweden [ISO9001]
  • SMC Switzerland [ISO9001]
  • SMC U.K. [ISO9001/ISO14001]
  • SMC Australia [ISO9001]
  • SMC China (Beijing) [ISO9001/ISO14001]
  • SMC India [ISO9001]
  • SMC Korea [ISO9001/ISO14001]
  • SMC Malaysia [ISO9001]
  • SMC New Zealand [ISO9001]
  • SMC Singapore [ISO9001]
  • SMC Taiwan [ISO9001]
  • SMC Thailand [ISO9001/ISO14001]

* The names of countries listed in each area are alphabetically indexed.