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SMC extensive experience and understanding of pneumatic and control technology have enabled us to designed courses which are competency based and meet relevant industrial standard

Courses are held in specially designed facilities, providing an ideal learning environment free from distraction and interruption.

Class sizes are limited to reasonable numbers so that trainees can receive individual attention from qualified and experienced instructors.

Practical session is done with the latest training equipment. Use of audio-visual teaching aids, dynamic displays and sectionalised components further enhance the learning experience

Introduction to Practical Pneumatics

Course outline

  • Properties of compressed air and its area of application
  • Basic pneumatics system
  • Compressed air theory
  • Compressed air production, purification and distribution
  • Construction and principle of operation of actuators and directional control valves
  • Ancillary pneumatic equipment
  • Symbols – ISO 1219 / 5599
  • Reading / design of control schematics
  • Practical exercise with troubleshooting

Introduction to Practical Electro-Pneumatics

Course outline

  • Economical and technical aspects of electro-pneumatic systems
  • Basic electric theory
  • Construction and principle of operation of electro-pneumatic components
  • Electrical symbols – IEC and ladder diagram
  • Reading / design of control schematics
  • Safety requirements
  • Practical exercise with troubleshooting

Mechatronic System and Control

Course outline

  • Compressed air filtering & pressure regulation
  • Pneumatic actuators & directional control valves
  • Basic electric theory & control components
  • Proximity sensors & various control systems
  • PLC structure, hardware & ladder instructions
  • Serial communication
  • Vacuum systems & components
  • Hands-on exercise

Courses are customised to suit your needs. Please contact for more details.