・The calculation error of jet diameter in “Characteristics Calculation: Air Blow Piping” was corrected.
・The problem when the screen for entering the power consumption and power charge of compressed air cost is opened after Japanese yen was selected as the currency unit was corrected.
・The trouble of torque conversion in unit conversion was corrected.
・“Flow rate and conductance,” “Composition of conductance,” “Charge and discharge to/from the tank,” and “Air consumption” have been restored. However, there is no link to the database.
・As the Web version was released, the calculation items of the air consumption, flow rate and conductance, and conductance search were deleted.
・The error message display trouble of the menu screen in the Fujitsu PC was
・The incorrect internal capacity of the rotary actuator MSQ in the air
consumption of the equipment was corrected.
・Booster Regulator Selection, Air Filter Selection, and Charge and Discharge
to/from Tank Calculation were deleted.
・In calculation items of the supply to the tank/discharge from the tank, the
trouble of the response calculation which occurred in “supply to the tank” was
・The function of air dryer selection was deleted.
・The trouble which occurred when the language was set to English, and the
selection screen of the air dryer was opened was corrected.
・The setting of the currency conversion was changed.
・In search for conductance, the trouble where the flow-rate characteristics of the
3 port solenoid valve did not display properly was corrected.
・The installation program and icons were changed.
・An uninstallation program was added to the start program.
・The air tank, booster regulator and aftercooler selection functions were deleted.
・In the selection of the booster regulator, the trouble in calculation of the
required flow rate on the inlet side and tank capacity was corrected.
・The internal calculation in the selection of the booster regulator was corrected,
and VBA11A and VBA43A were added.
・A function to hide the calculation result when the input value is changed was
・The trouble where the input value is not properly displayed in printing was
・The trouble where a portion of the part number is not displayed in the selection
of the refrigerated air dryer was corrected.
・Traditional Chinese and Russian were added.
Errors in the calculation of equipment’s air consumption were corrected.
・A warning message was added for when a new version was installed without
removing the old one.
Model selection (air filter and air tank) was updated.