Series Model Product name Download
MXQ MXQ_A Air Slide Table Both Sides Piping Type 3DCAD
MXQ MXQ_A-X2192 Both Sides Piping Type/Dual Stroke Cylinder 3DCAD
MXQ MXQ_AM Both Sides Piping Type/Cylinder with Stable Lubrication Function (Lube-retainer) 3DCAD
MXQ MXQ_B Air Slide Table Low Thrust High Rigidity Type 3DCAD
MXQ MXQ_C Air Slide Table One Side Piping Type 3DCAD
MXQ MXQ_Z Air Slide Table Height Exchange Type 3DCAD
MXQ MXQ_Z_X2100 Height Exchange Type/End Plate Compatible with the Current MXQ Series 3DCAD
MXQ MXQ_Z_X2201 Height Exchange Type/Shock Absorber + Metal Stopper Specification 3DCAD
MXQ MXQ_Z_X2200 Height Exchange Type/Side Adjuster Specification 3DCAD