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SMC Statement on Conflict in Ukraine

August 18, 2022

As devastating, unprovoked attacks continue to unfold in Ukraine, they create a tragic crisis for the Ukrainian people, their families, and their futures. SMC is firmly in opposition to authoritarianism and violence, and we stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. We must continue to provide our courageous Ukrainian colleagues with the support they need and are working tirelessly to help our associates who are still in Ukraine, as well as those who have found themselves in the unenviable position of living under authoritarian Russian rule.
SMC has made a commitment to assist in the evacuation and relocation of our employees and their families in both Ukraine and Russia who are fleeing violent atrocities and tyrannical oppression. This is a humanitarian crisis that calls for meaningful action and a robust evaluation of the values we hold dear. We have operated in Russia for over 30 years and employ nearly 480 associates who have become a part of the SMC family. We will continue to support them, but to remain neutral is not an option. We have ceased all imports and exports within Russia and have suspended any new investments in the country.
This situation is uncertain and fraught with devastation, but it is our commitment to our customers, employees, and the Ukrainian people that SMC will stand in support of the victims of this unjust war and call for a peaceful resolution. We stand firmly with the people of Ukraine and will continue to dedicate resources and support to aiding those impacted by these horrific events.

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