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Safety Standard ISO13849-1
For Safety Standard ISO13849-1

Dual residual pressure release valve with position detection sensor

This is a safety system valve. When the position detection sensor mounted to the valve detects that one of the two valves is out of position, the valve can be used with a safety system which vents the protected system when the position sensor signals a fault.

Category Model Features & Specifications
Category 2 VP542-□-X536
  • Valve position can be detected.
Category 3
Category 4
  • Valve position can be detected.
  • Valve has 2 stations, so if one of them fails to operate, residual pressure is released by the remaining valve.

Providing B10(d)/MTTF data

We will calculate and provide reliability characteristics concerning life and breakdown of individual parts.
(The customer should convert this to MTTFd.)

Providing operational components

We provide validated operational components that can be used to build safety control systems.

Note) Please note that these are not safety parts certified to the safety standard.