Products can be selected systematically,
from the principle products for piping
to terminal units.
Solenoid valves
Used to switch the flow of compressed air that is supplied to cylinders, etc.
Air cylinders
Rotary actuators
Air grippers
Used to operate linear, rotational or grip actuations using compressed air that is switched by a directional control valve.
Air dryers
Compressed air cleaning filters
Produce clean air through dehumidification and filtration, remove water, oil and foreign matters in air pressure lines and deodorize them.
Also improve the service life of terminal units such as cylinders, solenoid valves, etc.
Air filters
Modularize the removal of water and foreign matters, depressurize and lubricate.
Reduce the air and water pressure and adjust vacuum pressure.
Pressure sensors
Detect the pressure of gases such as air and nitrogen and fluids such as water and oil, and also detect the vacuum pressure by confirming adsorption.